Concurrent Sessions Program

Please check the conference program to see the exact time, date, and the location of the sessions.

CS1:        Energy Security: Supply-Side and Demand-Side Views 

CS2:        Economics of New Energy Sources and Advanced Energy Technologies 

CS3:        Renewable energy issues and Energy Efficiency challenges

CS4:        Electricity and Natural Gas Markets Regulation

CS5:        District heating in Eurasia 

CS6:        Energy policy under 2030 emission target

CS7:        Oil and Gas Transportation and Pipelines  

CS8:        The future of the Petrochemical industry and LNG strategy in Eurasia

CS9:        Geopolitical Impacts on the Energy Sector in Eurasia

CS10:     SDGs: Green energy and economic growth

CS11:     Energy Poverty, Subsidies and Tax Policies

CS12:     Energy trade under volatile prices

CS13:     Investment, innovation issues in liberalized markets

CS14:     Risks, uncertainties and quality management issues in the energy sector

CS15:    Contemporary Electricity Demand and Supply Trends: From Conventional Consumers to Proconsumers

CS16:    Environmental Aspects on Conventional and Unconventional Sources of Energy